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Rita Kasperek is a writer living in Oakland. Her work has appeared in The Portland Review, GSU Review, Sand Hill Review and terrain.org, among other places. She's currently experiencing protracted labor over a novel and a collection of interrelated short stories.
Terry Thomas was born in England but now lives on the Aupouri Peninsula in the far north of New Zealand. He has won prizes—a trip to California once—in a number of contests, notably the Sunday Star Times Short Story Competition. He has also been published in New Zealand in several print journals and collections. On line, he has stories at The Fiction Warehouse and The Southern Ocean Review. Currently, he is putting together a collection of his stories all linked to the area where he lives—The Ninety Mile Beach.
Kristin S. vanNamen received her MA from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her fiction has appeared in Sojourn, Concho River Review, and she was awarded first place in graduate fiction by the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers (2002). From her writing, Kristin is able to care for and support her little brother, Dustin Smith, who was born with a rare disease called Cosmosistexamos in which his texamoses swell to the size of a baby armadillos and, when released, sound faintly like the Texas National Anthem.
Tom Schwider has lived in Chicago all of his life where he received his BA from Niles College of Loyola University. He completed his first novel this past summer, Godzilla versus the Aztec Princess, and is still trying to find an agent. He is in the midst of writing his second novel, Adopt a Highway. He is unpublished, unknown, and at times unbearable. This is his first published story beyond his blog site, which he rarely updates, but would feel naked without.
Janice J. Heiss is originally from the Midwest but has lived in San Francisco most of her life. Her writing has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including previous issues of Storyglossia. Recently, her work appears in the Rockford Review, Pangolin Papers, The Plum Ruby Review, Aunties: 35 Writers Celebrate Their Other Mother a Ballantine Books anthology, and She's So Funny, a women's comedy collection.

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