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Leigh Kirkland is a lecturer in the English Department at Georgia State University, Atlanta. She also serves as assistant fiction editor for Five Points.

Elizabeth Rollins received a 2003 prose fellowship from NJ Council on the Arts. She runs a series of independent writing classes, Elements, outside of Philadelphia, and has written a collection of short stories titled, Seeing Voices. Stories from this collection have appeared as the 1999 CityPaper Fiction Contest Winner, in friskmagazine, Washington College Magazine, High Maintenance, and soon to appear in The Red Coast Review. The CityPaper winner, "The Boy," is reviewed in the Storyglossia weblog. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College.

Janice J. Heiss is a writer (and past stand-up comedian and actress) living in San Francisco. Her writing has appeared in various publications including Urban Spaghetti, Limestone, Black Dirt, Women's Words, Passages North, and the Lullwater Review.

Nicky Hoult is 33 years old and lives in Derby, England where she is currently finishing her Creative Writing Degree. Nicky also writes and performs poetry for pleasure but finds her main voice within short story writing. Nicky firmly believes that creative writing has been the means of maintaining a drug free lifestyle for the last two and half years. One of her goals for the future is to provide creative writing workshops to those wishing to re-build their confidence and to personally develop. "Contract" is her first published story.

Josh Capps's stories have been published in Carve, The Mississippi Review, The Moon City Review, and Conversely. His story "Hellraiser" was selected for Carve Magazine's Best of 2002 Anthology. He is currently at work on his MFA at the University of Arkansas. His story "Dealing" is reviewed in the Storyglossia weblog.

Kelly Elayne was born and raised in Connecticut and is currently immersed in the Los Angeles world of music video and commercial production. Her fiction has appeared in Tarpaulin Sky, Lean Seed, House Taken Over and is forthcoming in Poetry Midwest and Coloring Book, a Rattlecat Press anthology due out in November 2003. Her story "See Jane" is reviewed in the Storyglossia weblog.


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