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Storyglossia Issue 5 features a multi-dimensional hypertext narrative by Jerry Pyle.
    When Jerry first blew up my e-mailbox by sending me 12 MB of files, I should have known that I'd end up feeling like a haggard protagonist in one of his films—either that or I'd feel like his cat.
    For better than two months now I've been trying to help Jerry realize his vision, and after monkeying with more than 125 text and image files my eyes are pixelated, bleeding html, and everything I look at seems an alternative reality.
    Through a confluence of events (perhaps Kafka's ghost reaching out from Prague?) a weird synchronicity intervened during the time I worked on Moviepants with Jerry: My life began resembling one of Jerry's parallel narratives as I was hounded by real estate agents in the various locales my wife's career threatened to relocate us—Laguna Niguel, Palm Springs, and Seattle—not to mention several agents here in Carlsbad (one for every open house we've been to and foolishly signed the guest book). Soon these agents' faces began appearing to me as horribly distorted masks as they waited to latch onto me at the bottom of a long escalator.
    Until, finally—but not before cutting short a vacation and cleverly evading getting stuck as a juror on a two-month long trial—"Moviepants: Adventures in Underground Cinemascopia" is published.
    Although the weblog has been sparse lately, and I've been slower than usual in responding to submissions, I think you'll find Moviepants adequate compensation. Steven J. McDermott, Carlsbad CA, October 13, 2003.

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