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Connie Corzilius has degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Writers Workshop of the University of Iowa. She has held various and sundry positions in the book business over the past twenty years (including bookstore manager, publisher's sales representative and editor) and currently writes fulltime for Follett Higher Education Group, for whom she edits Readers Choice. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in Calyx, Willow Review, and most recently, Mississippi Review. Her story "Slut Wisdom" is discussed in the August 7, 2002 Storyglossia Weblog). She lives in St. Louis.
Stephanie Dickinson has lived in Iowa, Wyoming, Texas, Louisiana and now in New York. Her poetry and fiction appear in Cream City Review, Green Mountain Review, Chelsea, Brooklyn Review, Fourteen Hills, Spoon River Review, Poet Lore, Nimrod, Willow Springs, Calyx, Iron Horse Review, The MacGuffin, among others. Along with Rob Cook, she publishes and edits the new print literary journal Skidrow Penthouse. Her Half Girl recently won the Hackney Award (Birmingham-Southern) for best unpublished novel of 2002. The novel remains on its knees before editors. She's working on a second novel, Blue Wind Witch.
Philip David Alexander's fiction has appeared in several publications and online journals, including, Front&Centre, The Circle Magazine and Hardboiled. He lives and writes in Toronto, Canada.
Jaqueline Powers is pursuing an MFA in poetry at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Her poetry has been published online by canwehaveourballback.
J. Rubino currently teaches at Arab-American University in Palestine. His short fiction has recently been published in Plum Ruby Review, Spillway Review, Apollo's Lyre and Ink Magazine. He is working on a novel.
Luli Li was born in Guang-Zhou China. She immigrated to the US 10 years ago. She graduated from UCB in English and is now a student of Anthropology at UCLA.
Aryan Kaganof was born again in Randburg in 2001. He drives Audi, shoots Glock, hates waiting, loves women. His published work includes a novel - HECTIC! (ISBN 0-9584660-1-7), short stories - SUGAR MAN & OTHER BITTER STORIES (ISBN 0-9584660-2-5), and verse - DRIVE-THRU FUNERAL (ISBN 0-9584660-3-3). His most recent book is STONES AGAIN (ISBN0-9584755-1-2) a work that belongs to that genre we call Menippean satire, the curious blending of prose with verse and philosophy with realism invented by the Cynic philosopher Menippus of Gadara and continued by his Roman disciple, Varro. All books published by PINE SLOPES PUBLICATIONS, P.O.Box 70580, Bryanston 2021.

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