Storyglossia Issue 38, February 2010.

STORYGLOSSIA Issue 38, February 2010
ISSN 1545-2824

Liz Chamberlin Sisters Are From Mars, Sisters Are From Vegas
Nikki Dolson Take the Hit
Randal Gentry Cottonmouths
Shanna Germain How to Learn a Language
Jesse Goolsby Thirteen Steps
Barry Graham Whatsoever A Man Soweth (Bloody Mary)
Natasha Grinberg When in Rome
James Iredell Sappy
Jeff Lacy Good Intentions
Antonios Maltezos A Gulp of Air
James Miranda All In
Robert Paul Moreira Scores
Anne Leigh Parrish Pinny And The Fat Girl
Tammy Remington What You'd Expect
Myra Sherman The Carnivore Restaurant
Yvette Ward-Horner Dirty Girl
Bonnie ZoBell Uncle Rempt

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