Storyglossia Issue 37, December 2009.

STORYGLOSSIA Issue 37, December 2009
ISSN 1545-2824

Mary Akers Bones Of An Inland Sea
Mikael Covey Transubstantiation
Owen Duffy A New Plan
Jennifer Greidus Offa Rex, Pigeon Fancier
Laura Hirneisen Besties
John Jodzio Octane
Len Kuntz Summer Scalping; Scarecrows
Gary Moshimer Feel Your Boobies
Nick Ostdick True Hair
Meg Pokrass Her Own Music
Kodi Scheer Hero
Laura Ellen Scott Karaoke People are Happy People
Amber Sparks If You Don't Believe, They Go Away
J. A. Tyler when Jimmy fishes for what was his mother
Mimi Vaquer Creative Handwriting
Isadora J. Wagner The Mathematical Theory of Elasticity
BP Whalen Semiotic Love

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