Storyglossia Issue 36, October 2009.





STORYGLOSSIA Issue 36, October 2009
ISSN 1545-2824

Tracy Bowling Hedonist
Christopher Bundy I Wanna Be Your Fan
Tom Burkett The Moose Head Haus
Alan Stewart Carl Green-Haired Girl
Joshua Ben-Noah Carlson Delilah and the Army of Xerxes
Zdravka Evtimova Music For My Son
Roxane Gay We Do Not Speak of Graceful Things
Jennifer Greidus This One, You've Heard Before
G.L. Griffith A Controlled Burn
Tim Jones-Yelvington Seducing Adam Lambert
Teri Louise Kelly White Girls
Scott Lambridis The Hum of Broken Things
Sean Reagan Legend
Anne Valente To A Place Where We Take Flight
James Warner Juno Broccoli and The Songstealers
Y.G. Yen The Player

                                                     Notes on contributors