Storyglossia Issue 35, September 2009.

STORYGLOSSIA Issue 35, September 2009
ISSN 1545-2824

Hal Ackerman Date Blind
Josh Capps Mr. Glass
B.J. Hollars The Mighty Warriors
Jay Kauffmann The Leap
Mary Larkin The Dance Partner
Lyz Lenz Juhachiban
John P. Loonam Say A Few Words
Marc Lowe Emblems (or, The Incident)
Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich Ghost Carp
Gretchen McCullough The Wedding Guest
Hannah Pass Pieces of Animal
Amy Pence Three Views of Desiree
Meg Pokrass Leaving Hope Ranch
Angi Becker Stevens Ghosts and Monsters
James Terry The Refrigerator
Valerie Vogrin The Last Thing She Remembered
Ravi Mangla Arrgh Luxury Cruises: An Authentic Pirate Adventure
Angela Woodward A Companion Text to Modernity and Self-Identity by Anthony Giddens

Notes on contributors