Storyglossia Issue 30, October 2008.

STORYGLOSSIA Issue 30, October 2008
ISSN 1545-2824

                  Tom McAllister
                  Rolling Boil
                                      Heather Palmer
                                      I Knew the Gods
                  Terri G. Scullen
                  May We Suggest Sherbet Between Your Shorts
                                      Curt Duffy
                  Mikael Covey
                  Yer Blessings
                                      L. Annette Binder
                                      Ghost Girl
                  Barry Jay Kaplan
                  Rules of the Road
                                      Jessica Breheny
                                      Animals, Animals, Animals
                  C. Robin Madigan
                  Evening Collapsed Purple
                                      KP Dorsey
                                      Slip Away
                  Fred McGavran
                  The Deer
                                      Carolyn McGovern

                  Notes on contributors