Storyglossia Issue 29, August 2008.


Editor Steven J. McDermott's introduction

   With its utilitarian format, lack of artwork and programming chops, STORYGLOSSIA is not on anyone's list of sexiest online journals, but it's always been about the stories. Not a feast for your eyes or your clicking fetish—it's for your reading addiction.
   Truly, a literary journal is only as good as the quality of its submissions. And you would be astounded by some of the stories I rejected. Many will surely appear elsewhere. Also true that no one else, sitting with the same stack of submissions, would select the same stories I did. It's a fallacy to think that each issue represents "the best" of the submissions (as some journals nobly proclaim). It's all mood and taste; an editor's desire. The eleven remarkable stories in Issue 29 are a statement, a message I want to send, about what I think is vibrant in short fiction right now (from the admittedly narrow perch of STORYGLOSSIA's submission queue).
   I've been around long enough to have both believed in the redeeming quality of literature and to have lost faith in its ability to make a difference. Having read, during the selection and the publication process, each of these stories a half-dozen times or more, I can say that they have restored my faith in literature's ability to change, if not the world, at least one's perspective. Read these stories and see if they don't change yours, too.

         Issue 29