Storyglossia Issue 29, August 2008.

STORYGLOSSIA Issue 29, August 2008
ISSN 1545-2824

                  Editor Steven J. McDermott's introduction

                  Benjamin Buchholz
                  New Joe
                                      Peggy Newland
                                      Mama Took the Bacon
                  T. J. Forrester
                  To the Bone
                                      Rose Hunter
                                      New Year's Day
                  Sam Pink
                  It's Hard to Tell If I Hate Myself
                  or Just Everyone Else, Real Hard

                                      Jimmy Chen
                  Douglas Bruton
                  Sufferin's For Them As Lives With The Loss
                                      Sean Ruane
                                      On William Butler Yeats
                  Kelly Spitzer
                  The Difference Between You and Me
                                      Sara Flannery Murphy
                                      The Pretty Faces
                  Donna George Storey
                  Everything They Say About Sailors Is True

                                      Notes on contributors