Storyglossia Issue 28, May 2008.
Storyglossia Issue 28, May 2008.

STORYGLOSSIA Issue 28, May 2008
ISSN 1545-2824
The Crime/Noir Issue

        Guest editor Anthony Neil Smith's introduction

        Must Bite!    Vicki Hendricks
            Cheer    Megan Abbott
        Funny Face    Greg Bardsley
            Everything Must Go    Ray Banks
        Young Junius    Seth Harwood
            Star's Jar    Kate Beauford
        I Came Home Sunday Night    Louis Wittig
            The Cigarette Story    Barry Graham
        No Story    Bonnie Nadzam
            Exit Wounds    R. Christopher Knight
        A Place for Violence    Kevin Wignall
            The Humming    Heather Fowler
        Crash Where You Land    Scott Miles
            Cut Me to the Quick    Robert Skinner
        The Helper    R. Narvaez
            Return    Finbarr McCarthy
        Identity Crisis    Kyle Hemmings
            The Bicycles Were Gravestones    Fred Zackel
        Felonies for which I was Never Apprehended: Chapter One hundred and Eight.    Adam Cushman

        Notes on contributors

Storyglossia Issue 28, May 2008.