Storyglossia Issue 27, March 2008.


Guest Editor Katrina Denza's introduction

   When Steven invited me to guest edit an issue for STORYGLOSSIA he didn't know at the time that he had offered the very thing I'd been longing for: to be able to choose pieces on my own that reflect my tastes in short fiction and for a journal I admire.
   This has been the most amazing experience. It's taught me that editing can be exhausting as well as rewarding; that Steven's job as editor/publisher cannot be done by a mere human; that the heart of a writer surely must be larger than that of the average person; and that the phrase "takes your breath away" can be quite literal when reading great stories. For this is what happened when I read every one of these incredible stories: I held my breath. And that's how I made my choices. Simple as that. I received many technically impressive stories; the pool of submissions was large and very strong. What all fifteen stories in this issue have in common is that on an intuitive level they spoke to me—no, they sang to me.
   In this issue you'll find longing, honesty, humor, regret, despair, love, friendship, hope, acceptance—all the riches of life itself.
   Please enjoy.

         Issue 27