Storyglossia Issue 25, December 2007.

STORYGLOSSIA Issue 25, December 2007
ISSN 1545-2824

A special issue devoted to flash fiction and short-short stories

The Roommate      Stephanie Beebe
For This Moment to Arrive    Randall Brown
Here, Not Here, Here    Aaron Burch
Family History    Ron Burch
The Date    Sean Dempsey
Honeymoon    Katrina Denza
Winter Pride    Robert Aquino Dollesin
Cleanliness    Damian Dressick
Stranger Stranger    Eva Konstantopoulos
Where's Your Uterus    Jamie Lin
Tape Hiss    C. Robin Madigan
It's Like Waffle Houses    Brendan O'Brien
What Shall We Use to Fill the Empty Spaces? Shawn Proctor
Summer Flip Flops    Julie Ann Shapiro
A Thin Line    Brandi Wells

Notes on contributors